Project Management

Identifying and assessing the implications of all schedule, cost, logistics, interfaces, risks and opportunities on a design through the whole life cycle of a project at feasibility phase may seem a bit like looking through a crystal ball.

With extensive experience around the world in project feasibility, design, delivery, and through our disputes division, where projects go wrong, we can, with advanced quantitative time, cost and risk techniques, provide a more accurate business case.

Contract & Cost

At SCI we recognise that every project and client is unique. We don’t use generic rates we price from first principles taking into account the construction methodology to develop unique rates, schedule and cash flow forecasts.

Through the life of the project, capture actual cost, volume and earned value against individual items to be able to assess performance against both cost and quantity. This, together with our extensive experience in all forms of contract will assist you to deliver on time and within budget.


We have extensive experience in project planning whether at feasibility, design or delivery phase, as a client organisation doing top down project or portfolio planning or a contractor doing detailed delivery planning.

We are able to assess time, cost, risk, logistics, resource and interface requirements to deliver a robust reliable programme and actively work with project managers, staff and subcontractors to deliver on time.


With extensive experience in project design, delivery and of where things go wrong through our dispute resolution division, we are able to, through workshops, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis with the project delivery teams, identify, quantify and de-risk your project.

Project Controls

Project controls is the collective term for design and implementation of the schedule, cost, risk, quality, interface and information management systems, and the IT systems, people and process to support those.

At SCI we have extensive experience in implementing and managing whole life integrated project delivery systems be it at an individual project level or across an entire business.

Sample Project Experience


Provide strategic planning, detailed constructability planning and risk assessment through all phases of the project including logistics, long lead utilities diversions, compulsory purchase orders and operations in a highly built up and sensitive live environment.

£16bn Cross Rail London feasibility study, UK

£1.6bn Cooling the tube R&D project, UK


Provide strategic planning, detailed planning and risk assessment for a portfolio of research and development projects through feasibility, concept design, delivery and operation to provide innovative methods to cool the London Underground. Develop the project management plan and procedures and migrate the project from a single feasibility project to 15 design and delivery projects.


Provide strategic planning, detailed construction and logistics planning, risk assessment and develop the project management plan for a Design & Build Joint Venture.

$36bn Doha Metro Tender, Qatar