Dispute Resolution

Capital projects are highly complicated with many variables and inevitably risks materialise and change occurs which can result in disputes over who’s responsible. Whether in the preparation or defence of claims, the two most important aspects of avoiding or resolving any dispute is the strategy adopted ‘process’ and a properly formulated submission ‘substance’.

SCI has extensive experience in advising on and managing various dispute resolution strategies, negotiations and preparation and defence of claims relating to project extension of time, delay, disruption and costs. We know how hard it is to win new clients and maintain your corporate image and maintaining relationships is always first and foremost.

Expert Services

Our in depth technical knowledge combined with extensive experience and cutting edge technology allows us to distil large amounts of project data to arrive at an accurate outcome in the least amount of time.

Whether acting as independent expert witness or determiner, our reports are always perfectly drafted and peer reviewed to avoid ambiguity and confusion, fully evidenced, delivered on time and opinions clearly stated when testifying.

Mediation Adjudication Arbitration

Our extensive experience and training on engineering and construction projects,
contracts and disputes allows us to bridge the legal and technical divide, assist with case preparation and focus legal on the issues that matter most.

Sample Project Experience


Provide Expert witness services in project management, time and cost for a high court case in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2 Oil and Gas projects $461m and $632m

QAR 2.4bn Airport project


QATAR, provide Expert witness services in respect of delay, disruption and testimony through Arbitration at the ICC courts in London.


Provide delay and disruption claims support on complex technical matters, advise on dispute strategy and defend against subcontract claims.

$7.8bn Metro Project, UAE

R105bn Power Project, South Africa


Provide Expert witness services in respect of delay, disruption and testimony through Adjudication.


Provide Expert witness services with respect to delay and disruption for an Arbitration under the UNCITRAL rules in Australia.

2 Residential Projects $6m & $9m